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MPSC Practice Paper Set 9
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Match the pairs of column  A and column B:

Column A (Type of Rock)                                     Column B (Rock)

  1. Extrusive Igneous Rock                             I.          Dyke
  2. Intrusive Igneous Rock                             II.        Arenaceous Rock
  3. Sedimentary Rock                                      III.       Graphite
  4. Metamorphic Rock                                    IV.       Conglomerate.


Examine and indentify the correct statement of the following.

Statement ‘A’: Deccan Plateau is made up of Basalt Rock.

Statement ‘B’ : The origin of Basalt Rock on the Deccan Plateau is due to the deposition of lava erupted from volcano.


What are the evidences in favour of the Continental Drift Theory? Select the proper option?

  1. Jigsaw fit                                                 b. Trans-current faults
  2. Fossils in different areas                     d. Convection in mantle



Match the pairs of Column A and Column B:

Column A (Origin of Soar System)                    Column B (Inventor)

  1. Nebular Hypothesis                                   I.          James Jeans
  2. Meteorite Hypothesis                               II.        Moulton
  3. Planetesimal Hypothesis                          III.       Lockyer
  4. Tidal Hypothesis                                         IV.       Laplace


The generals of _________ conquered land upto Ganges, while his admirals established their authority over several overseas territories including Ceylon, Nicobar islands and parts of the Malaya Peninsula.


Pick out the odd person from the following:


In which of the following forms was India’s capital and wealth transferred to Britain?

  1. Salaries and pensions of the British civil and military officials working in India.
  2. Profits of the British capitalist in India.
  3. Expenses of the Indian government in Britain.
  4. Interests on loans by the Indian government.


Who form the following women scholars were related to the Rigvedic Period?

  1. Vishwavara                          b. Apala
  2. Lopamudra                          d. Ghosha



Arrange the following incidents in their chronological order.

  1. Muslim league was formed in Dhaka.
  2. Khudiram Bose was executed.
  3. Bomb was thrown at Lord Hardinge.
  4. Hindu Conference was held at Lahore, under the Presidentship of Sir Prafulchandra Chatterji.


Consider the following statements and choose the correct answer options.

  1. Mughal architecture is of Indian style.
  2. Mughal architecture was influenced by both, the Persian and Hindu arts.
  3. There is an impact of foreigners on Mughal architecture.
  4. Mughal architecture was influenced by no one.


Match the following:

  1. Pandit Ramkumar Vidyaratna    I.          Wrote English articles for newspaper


  1. Krishna Kumar Mitra                     II.        Was a Brahmo missionary
  2. Pandit Shivnath Shastru               III.       Editor of Bengali newspaper


  1. Dwarkanath Ganguly                    Iv.       Wrote ‘Kuli-Kahini’


Who is described in the following sentences?

  1. He was an author from Pune.
  2. He used to go in the colonies of the untouchables and teach them.
  3. In 1945 he was the president of the function arranged to celebrate ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’ at Kalyan.
  4. He was a supporter of Hinduism from Pune.



            Match the following

  1. C.Rajgopalachari                       I.          Was elected as the President of the Central

Legislative Assembly.

  1. Madan Mohan Malviya          II.        Kept himself busy with constructive

programmes such as upliftment of Harijans.

  1. Vithalbhai Patel                        III.       Was elected Mayor of Calcutta.
  2. C.R Das                                       Iv.       Criticized the Swarajists.



Who form the following persons was not related to the State of Kolhapur?


Match the following:

  1. The king of Kamarupa            I. Was already humbled by               


  1. The ruler of Sind                       II. Dared not detain a Chinese pilgrim at his capital

Against the wish of Harsha.

  1. The ruler of Kashmir               III.  Was compelled to surrender a tooth relic to


  1. The ruler of Valabhi                 IV. Had once field before the advancing arms of

Kanauj Monarch but later married his       daughter


It was the result of Achaemenid conquest that a new industry of ______ developed in Indian borderland, specially in Kamboj.


Match the following dynasties and their kings:

  1. Rashtrakut               I.  Gopal
  2. Chola                         II. Upendra
  3. Palas                          III.  Dantidurga
  4. Paramars                  IV.  Vijayalaya



In the Pre-Mauryan period India known as__________.


Match the following governors of Muhammad Ghori and the territories where they ruled almost independently after the death of Muhammad Ghori.

  1. Yaldoz                                                            I.  Delhi                     
  2. Kubacha                                                        II. Bengal
  3. Mumhammad-ibn-Bakhtyar                     III. Indus
  4. Aibak                                                             IV. Afghan Mountains