MPSC Practice Paper Set for practice

MPSC Practice Paper Set 13
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Because of Lokan Railway the distance between Mumbai to Kochin is reduced by ___________ km.


What is total Geographical area of Maharashtra?


Which of the following pairs is correct?


By which law was the Supreme Court of Calcutta established?


Youmeshchandra Banarjee, the first President of the National Congress stated the objectives for the establishment of the National Congress, which were they?

  1. Social Equality / Uniformity.
  2. National Feeling
  3. Secularism
  4. Development of sense of unity and consolidation of the same


The discussion between Vishnubaba Brahmachari and the Missionaries and the Missionaries is found in the book________.


Krishnaji Prabhakar Khadilkar became a follower of ________.


The Kolhapur Praja Parishad was established by the efforts of ______ and ______.


Which of the following honours were Conferred on Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve?

  1. Bhrat Ratna                                      c.   D. Litt                      
  2. Padma Vibhushan                          d.   LL.D.


Match the following

  1. Kichakvadh              i.          Ganesh Ballal Fansalkar
  2. Swadeshi                  ii.         Vasudeo Purushottam Sathe
  3. Vang Bhang             iii.        Krishnaji Prabhakar Khadilkar
  4. Bhimrao                    iv.        Laxman Narayan Joshi


Who had started the following periodicals?

  1. Vidyarthi       b. Congress              c. sadhana


Operations Polo was undertaken to merge which of the following states in Indian Union?


The farmers from which district of Bengal had established  an organization of Farmers in 1873?


In 1920 A.D_________ was appointed as the first High Commissioner of India.


The Holkars were neutral during the Revolt of 1857, yet their soldiers revolted at which of the following places?

  1. Bhopal           c. Inore
  2. Mahu             d. Mahidasi


Arrange the following in chronological order:

  1. IInd  Round Table Conference      c. Gandhi – Irwin Pact
  2. Nehru Report                                  d. Communal Award


In which of the following states, seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha?


Consider the following statements regarding the Metropolitan Planning Committee:

  1. The composition and the manner of election of members of such committees are decided by state Government.
  2. The state Government may make provision about the representation in such committees of the Central Government, State Government and other organisations.

Which of the above statement is/are incorrect?



            Find the incorrectly matched pair /s:

            Article                                    Provision

  1. 343                 -           Official language of the Union
  2. 345                 -           Language to be used in Supreme Court and High Court And for Acts, Bills etc.
  3. 348                 -           Official language / language of a state
  4. 351                 -           Directive for development of the Hindi language


Match the pairs of Adult franchise obtained countries:

  1. Sri Lanka             i  1962
  2. Malaysia             ii  1994
  3. Australia             iii  1931
  4. South Africa       iv  1955


   Which is the following statements regarding Maharashtra Legislature is incorrect ?


The state can impose reasonable restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression [Article -19 (1)(a)] on which of the following grounds?

  1. Contempt of court
  2. Protection of minorities
  3. Friendly relations with foreign states
  4. Sovereignty and integrity of India
  5. Decency or morality