JEE Physics paper for practice

JEE Physics paper set 1
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A polarizer-analyzer set is adjusted such that the intensity of light coming out of the analyzer is just 10 % of
the original intensity. Assuming that the polarizer-analyzer set does not absorb any light, the angle by which the
analyser need to be rotated further to reduce the output intensity to be zero is 450


A 60 HP electric motor lifts an elevator with a maximum total load capacity of 2000 kg. If the frictional force on
the elevator is 4000 N, the speed of the elevator at full load is close to (Given 1 HP = 746 W, g = 10 m=s2


 A long solenoid of radius R carries a time (t) dependent current I(t) = I0t(1 ?? t). A ring of radius 2R is placed
coaxially near its middle. During the time instant 0  t  1, the induced current (IR) and the induced EMF (VR)


 Two moles of an ideal gas withCp/Cv= 5=3 are mixed with 3 moles of another ideal gas with Cp /Cv= 4=3. The value of Cp /Cvfor the mixture is


 The current (i1) (in A) flowing through 1 Ω
 resistor in the following circuit is


8. Two infinite planes each with uniform surface charge density + C=m2 are kept in such a way that the angle
between them is 30o. The electric field in the region shown between them is given by:


If the magnetic field in a plane electromagnetic wave is given by ~B = 310??8 sin(1:6103x + 481010t)^j T
then what will be expression for electric field?
= 310??8 sin(1:6103x+481010t)^i V=m a. ~E = 310??8 sin(1:6103x+481010t)^j b. V=m
= 60 sin(1:6  103x + 48  1010t)^k V=m c. ~E d. = 9 sin(1:6  103x + 48  1010t)k^ V=m


The time period of revolution of electron in its ground state orbit in a hydrogen atom is 1:6  10??16s: The
frequency of revolution of the electron in its first excited state (in s??1) is :


 A LCR circuit behaves like a damped harmonic oscillator. Comparing it with a physical spring-mass damped
oscillator having damping constant ’b’, the correct equivalence will be


 The radius of gyration of a uniform rod of length l about an axis passing through a point l=4 away from the center
of the rod, and perpendicular to it, is


A satellite of mass m is launched vertically upward with an initial speed u from the surface of the earth. After it
reaches height R( R = radius of earth), it ejects a rocket of mass m=10 so that subsequently the satellite moves
in a circular orbit. The kinetic energy of the rocket is (G = gravitational constant; M is the mass of earth)


Three point particles of mass 1 kg, 1.5 kg and 2.5 kg are placed at three corners of a right triangle of sides 4.0
cm, 3.0 cm and 5.0 cm as shown in the figure. The centre of mass of the system is at the point


If we need a magnification of 375 from a compound microscope of tube length 150 mm and an objective of focal
length 5 mm, the focal length of the eye-piece should be close to:


Speed of transverse wave on a straight wire (mass 6:0 g, length 60 cm and area of cross-section 1:0 mm2) is 90
m=s. If the Young’s modulus of wire is 16  1011Nm??2, the extension of wire over its natural length is


1 liter of dry air at STP expands adiabatically to a volume of 3 litres. If


 = 1:4, the work done by air is
(31:4 = 4:655) (take air to be an ideal gas)